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Re: Ugly collision between broken Slur and PhrasingSlur

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Ugly collision between broken Slur and PhrasingSlur
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 12:04:49 +0200
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Am 03.08.2011 06:07, schrieb Colin Campbell:
On 11-08-02 10:05 AM, Urs Liska wrote:

following the late discussions on bug- and -user, I stumbled over an ugly collision between a phrasingSlur and a Slur at the beginning of a second staff. Actually the phrasing slur tries to escape the slur but does this in a spectacular way - while the collision is still there:

\version "2.15.5"

\relative a'
  \key d \major
  \time 2/2
  \clef treble

   a2.\(( d8[ cis] | \break
   b2 cis4) b\) | \break

   a2.\((\p d8[ cis] | \break
   b2.) cis4\) | \break


The breaks are needed because in the real example there are many notes in the piano ... In lines 1 and 2 it is only an ugly collision (probably an instance of issue #427?) but lines 3 and 4 (when the slur ends on the first note after the line break) are really crazy and mess up the page layout of my music completely.

Is this just issue #427 or should one add a new issue?
If not, what about the fact that #427 is abandonde?
I think this is quite an embarassing output.


It certainly does look like issue 427, Urs, although the slur in bar 4 is rather remarkable! The issue is still open, but a proposed patch was marked abandoned in February, as the developer was no longer working on the issue. Issue 163 is also quite similar, and Mike Solomon has a patch in progress which looks like it should fix the problem.

Thanks for the info, Colin.
I think this is quite right, and also quite promising. Wouldn't be the first time I stumble over an issue which is about to be solved. (Although admittely I also stumble over issues that have lived as "postponed" for a long time ...)

Colin Campbell
Bug Squad

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