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Issue 2092 in lilypond: lily-git.tcl should using a "working" branch

From: lilypond
Subject: Issue 2092 in lilypond: lily-git.tcl should using a "working" branch
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2011 12:35:41 +0000

Status: Accepted
Owner: address@hidden
Labels: Type-Maintainability

New issue 2092 by address@hidden: lily-git.tcl should using a "working" branch

Strictly a change "under the hood": could lily-git.tcl put commits on its own "working" branch, merging from master to working, etc?

AFAIK the user-visible material shouldn't change at all, but if anybody starts to learn more about git and tries out gitk or the like on their repo, I'd like them to see that their stuff is on working instead of master. Otherwise we'll be sending them mixed messages.

I am completely revising our git instructions in the CG, and will be directing people to use branches, of if they really don't want to, to at least keep stuff on "working".

(NB for non-git-savvy people: I think I can explain branches much simpler than most git tutorials, so don't get scared. Besides, there's nothing stopping you from keeping your same work-flow if you want.)

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