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Re: loglevel=ERROR still emits Warning message

From: Ian Hulin
Subject: Re: loglevel=ERROR still emits Warning message
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 12:06:26 +0000
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On 11/12/11 11:24, -Eluze wrote:
> when using the recently discussed command line option
> #(use-modules (guile-user)) #(set-global-staff-size mySize)
> the following warning is created WARNING: #f: imported module
> (guile-user) overrides core binding `%module-public-interface'
> i thought it's possible to suppress it with the new command line
> option --loglevel=ERROR but it is still displayed.
> this is specially annoying when automatically displaying the output
> if there are no errors or warnings.
> i do not understand how important this warning about bindings is
> and if it could/should be altered to something like "Be aware:
> ……………" or similar.
> thanks for having a look at this! Eluze
It's a Guile warning - one of our lilypond (scm xxxx) modules has
either a (use-modules (lily)) statement or a #:use-module (lily)
clause in the (define-module) scheme statement, and is moaning because
it is re-importing definitions already declared in the (lily) module.

These can be avoided by using #:replace clauses in the relevant
module, but this would require a code change.

Can you get any more info on which module/scheme file is being
processed when you get the error?  If necessary use --loglevel=DEBUG
to find out.

There's a chance this may be fixed by issue 2026, which is going
through acceptance at the moment, as it's an error I've seen during
development for that patch.

Let us know your findings, or if it's a log, mail it to me off list.


Ian Hulin

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