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Re: Issue 2173 in lilypond: Deal with file names not encoded in UTF-8

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 2173 in lilypond: Deal with file names not encoded in UTF-8
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2012 18:10:55 +0000

        Labels: Type-Enhancement

Comment #5 on issue 2173 by address@hidden: Deal with file names not encoded in UTF-8

1) Probably not the issue: In Windows the encoding used by the console is chosen by the user. This is analogous to setting the file encoding of a text editor.

We can use `chcp 65001` (set code-page to 65001) to set the the console encoding to utf-8. Then if we ask LilyPond to process this input from a UTF-8-encoded file,
#(display "schöne weiß Łodz ы́Бʁ فينا ζ غ")
we will see all the characters that out chosen font can print, boxes for the rest.

Redirected output from `lilypond test.ly > out.txt` goes byte-by-byte into the file *regardless* of console settings. So, I just set the editor or receiving program to expect UTF-8 and never bother with `chcp 65001`.

2) I confirm Wilbert's observations in the email linked at the first post.
Although Windows utilities like 'dir > out.txt' encode file names according to the `chcp` setting, Lilypond messages containing filenames remain in what looks like Latin1 encoding (even when some characters are not in Latin1).

It might be nice to use the UTF-8 for any text LilyPond outputs. Maybe MINGW, with the proper LOCALE, implements a translation between UTF-8 and the bytes it needs to send to the file system...

However, Windows users with various native languages are making LilyPond work, so caution, or laziness, seems wise.

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