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Re: Strange spacing

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Strange spacing
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2012 14:18:09 +0100
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Thomas Scharkowski <address@hidden> writes:

>> Thomas Scharkowski<address@hidden>  writes:
>>> Thank you.
>>> Neil's workaround should not be necessary - this is a bug, isn't it?
>> Personally, I consider glaringly dissimilar spacing in adjacent bars
>> more of a bug than the other way round.  If there were a line break in
>> between, this might be different, but stepping on the brakes for your
>> eye movement like that does not seem healthy to me.
> I understand your point and agree, but I still think the distance 1st
> note - 2nd note should be smaller than the distance 2nd to 3rd note
> (in my first example). This simply looks wrong to me.
> I do attach an excerpt of my "real world" example, without
> \newSpacingSection.

I'd say that spacing becomes tight too fast here, not that it starts out
too lose.

David Kastrup

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