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how shall I handle "issues to verify"

From: -Eluze
Subject: how shall I handle "issues to verify"
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 15:10:46 -0800 (PST)

when a bug is fixed its status changes to "fixed" and one would think it's
just peanuts to verify that once the new version is out 

I went through the list of "issues to verify" today and it shows 39 issues.

OK, I thought, let's attack them, the more issues resolved the more energies
can be directed to new objects! - they are dating back from September to
January (closing date)  but also some of them deal with topics I never
encountered before (or I haven't used them): I've never used lilypond-book,
emacs, probably I've used python or guile in the background - but certainly
I'm not in the position to verify such specific issues.

I wonder who is going to clarify these issues!?

then I  stumbled upon issue 2109 "do not tinker with the position of a
pitched rest" where I couldn't find a description of the issue, only
solutions or a patch. so I had to construct an example myself to *verify* if
this looks good now - my conclusion is that I cannot tell whether the patch
is good or not, but I can see that LilyPond's handling of pitched rests or
ledgers is not correct! it seems that ledger lines are not correctly placed.
and some of the rests in the normal staff lines are not correctly aligned
vertically (although I only looked at this on the screen and did not print


\paper { indent = 0 }
\language nederlands
mus = \relative c {
  d2 d \rest
  e e \rest f f \rest g g \rest a a \rest b b \rest c c \rest d d\rest e e
  e e \rest f f \rest g g \rest a a \rest b b \rest c c \rest d d\rest e e
  e e \rest f f \rest g g \rest a a \rest b b \rest c c \rest d d\rest e e
  \context NoteNames {
\version "2.15.26"


shall I open a new issue and close 2109? suggestions?

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