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Re: Issue 2272 in lilypond: Long monosyllabic words collide with barline

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 2272 in lilypond: Long monosyllabic words collide with barlines
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 06:19:55 +0000

        Labels: -Type-Ugly Type-Critical Regression

Comment #2 on issue 2272 by address@hidden: Long monosyllabic words collide with barlines

\version "2.15.33"
\new StaffGroup <<
  \new Staff { R1 e'2 e'2 }
  \addlyrics { Straight through }
  \new Staff { R1*2 }  >>

First bad commit : 4f49b000d6e257724e311b406e2346b8388c1f0e
Author: Mike Solomon <address@hidden>
Date:   Sat Oct 1 16:40:28 2011 +0200

Improves horizontal spacing of vertical axis groups that span bars traverse.

    Fixes issue 1846.

    This patch introduces the idea of a pure-from-neighbor-interface.
    The interface provides support for grobs whose pure height is difficult
    to estimate (any grob that crosses staffs likely suffers from this)
    by allowing for the creation of spacing "stubs" in the crossed
    vertical axis groups.  These stubs take their pure heights from their
    neighbors.  So long as one knows that a grob fully crosses a vertical
    axis group and the grob should take up the full vertical space of this
    axis group for its rank, using approximations of pure height's from the
    grob's neighbors ensures that it will be as tall as the rest of the
    axis group without triggering a vertical alignment.

Seems the same as issue 2061.

Somehow, the old span bars worked, except for issue 910. If there is another way to fix 910 we could go back to the old machinery.

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