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Center a number above a measure

From: Clément
Subject: Center a number above a measure
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 23:08:51 +0000 (UTC)
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I've encountered many limits when trying to put numbers above measures.

2 problems :

1) I found no possibility to print number "1" above multi-measure rests.
This is no crazy idea of mine, Breitkopf does it :

2) Printing numbers above measures is limited to multi-measure rests and percent
repeats. (In both cases, printing number 1 is impossible.)
Moreover, printing a number without printing the percent symbol is very 
The current workaround in the documentation is insufficient.

My first example
<< { la,-.\pp r la-. r \repeat unfold 7 {  la-. r la-. r } } { \override 
PercentRepeat #'transparent = ##t \repeat percent 8 {s2} } >>

The second one :
<< { si\f)~si~si\>~si\!~si~si~si\>~si\! } { \override PercentRepeat 
= ##t \repeat percent 8 { s4. } } >>
(I can't use strict repeats on this one, as I must print 2 decrescendi.)

I have 3 requests:
1) The possibility to print number 1 above multi-measure rests (of course, it 
should begin by default on number 2 (just as now) in the case of multi-staff 
scores) and the first measure in the case percent repeats.

2) Extent of count-percent-repeat to other types of repeats such as unfold 
(useless if the following function is implemented).

3) A function which could print numbers or series of numbers above 
measures, such as:
I would like to have a function (implemented in Lilypond) which could print a 
number above a measure, and why not series of numbers, for instance:
\time 4/4 \numberedMeasure "1" c2 c | \numberedMeasure "5" c2 c | etc.
\time 4/4 \startNumberedMeasures c2 c | c c | etc. | c c \stopNumberedMeasures
or also:
\time 4/4 \startNumberMeasures \repeat unfold 8 { c2 c } \stopNumberedMeasures

(The possibility to modify some parameters such as alignment, size, padding 
would be very nice.)

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