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From: Dr.Benard Mcarthy
Subject: Letter
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 06:34:16 +0200

#1105 James Park,
South Africa

Compliments Of The Day,

Permit me to introduce myself to you. My name is Dr Bennie Mcarthy,A Top
Management Official of one of the finance
corporation in johannesburg south Africa.

I came to know about you in my private search for a reliable
person/company to handle an important assingment on behalf of my Colleagues
and myself.As a matter of fact, I got your information from Miss Pierre
Johnson of The International Affairs Department Of The South African Chamber
Of Commerce.

Proposition, A German Mr. Wolfgang Schinister, 66 years of
age and a prosperous oil\Gold merchant had in our Bank the sum of
$35.5million in a domiciliary account.

Unfortunately, he was killed in the recent plane crash involving
concord AF4590 in Gonesse, France. Efforts had been made by the management
of my bank through the German Embassy in johannesburg to contact any of
the deceased children but to no avail,as we were made to understand he had
no children.Given the skeletal information available to the bank, it has
so far been impossible to reach any of the relatives.

The situation left for the Management is to declare the deceased
account dormant and revert the Amount to trading on behalf of the interest
of the Bank. In order to avoid this development, my Colleagues and I now
seek your approval to have you stand as a distant relative to Mr.Wolfgang
Schinister,so that the money would be released to you. All documents and
proofs to enable you get the money will be carefully packaged once we receive
your consent on this proposal.I shall Apply for a leave as soon as the funds
gets into your reliable account to come to your country for possible sharing
and investment opportunity which you will assist me in doing. May I assure
you that this is safe and risk-free, as we have taken care of all necessary
modalities to ensure a hitch-free movement. I have the authority of my partners
involved in this assignment to propose that should you be willing to assist
us in this,your share would be 25%.

I have reposed my confidence in you and hope that you will not

Best Regards,
Dr. Bennie Mcarthy

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