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[bug-mailutils] small issues in the argument processing

From: Andrew Barnes
Subject: [bug-mailutils] small issues in the argument processing
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 15:30:39 +0000


I've been experimenting with the mailutils library and I think I've found some minor issues in the argument processing routines. 

I've written a small program which currently takes no command line arguments.

1) If I pass NULL as the second parameter of mu_app_init then the program segfaults, but if I pass an array with just one element set to NULL, then the program works fine.

Without any documentation on the routine, its hard to know whether this is a little buglet or whats intended to happen.

2)If I define an array with two elements, "common" and NULL, then the --config-help option segfaults at the point just after the "For more information, use info xxxx" line is output. If I add an extra element e.g. "debug" then the option works fine.


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