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Stems in pattern rules suck! Why not use regexes

From: Kirat Singh
Subject: Stems in pattern rules suck! Why not use regexes
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 13:19:50 -0500

So this has annoyed me forever. Why don't we simply use regexes in
pattern rules! I'd like to do something like:

$(PUBLIC_IDL_DIR)/.*/([^/]+): \1

Also why not have a regsub instead of patsub? Is there some reason why 
regexes are being carefully kept out of make?

I typically run into this when I want to install something into a
directory hierarchy and have no way of generating the pattern rule
with a wildcard for the directory.

Another beef I have is why can't I generate rules using a foreach? So
I could also do the above with something like:

$(foreach idl_file,$(PUBLIC_IDL),$(PUBLIC_IDL_DIR)/$(idl_file) : 
$(PUBLIC_IDL_DIR)/$(dir $(idl_file))/% : % \
        $(INSTALL_READ_ONLY) \

This doesn't do what I expect at all.


PS This isn't really a bug, but I'm afraid I couldn't find a better
mailing list. Please flame if you feel the need ;-)

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