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Future modification time bug with gmake 3.79 on Solaris 8

From: Kris Huber
Subject: Future modification time bug with gmake 3.79 on Solaris 8
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 12:59:31 -0700

The error message I see is the following:
        gmake[1]: *** Warning: File `lib/lib_sol2/libmylib.a(ofile2.o)' has
modification time in the future (2010-02-22 14:41:28.709551616 > 2000-12-06

Perhaps I should explain the makefile a little bit.  When things function
normally, gmake apparently checks object files within an archive as a
dependency.  If the archive doesn't exist, if the file in the archive is out
of date, or if the file doesn't exist, then that target is remade and the
new .o file is put into the archive.  What is happening in this case is that
when the file in the archive doesn't exist a date in the future is returned
and gmake doesn't ever compile any file after the first to put in the

For example, the first file (myfile1.c) is compiled and the object file
(myfile1.o) is put in the archive using 'ar -r myfile.o'.  This creates the
archive.  When the second file (myfile2.c) should be compiled, the gmake
warning about modification time in the future occurs and none of the rest of
the files in the list are compiled either.

Some configurations that work are:
Solaris 2.5.1/gmake 3.76.1
Linux 6/gmake 3.79.1

No, I have not tried 3.79.1 on Solaris yet, but I'm hoping someone familiar
with the bugfix release will quickly respond if it is likely to take care of
the problem.  We got gmake 3.79 as a precompiled binary for Solaris 8, I

Thanks for any help,

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