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Re: configure bug in make-3.79.1

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: configure bug in make-3.79.1
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 10:20:47 -0500

%% address@hidden (Jimi X) writes:

  jx> make-3.79.1/configure[3172]: (cross-compiling): unknown test operator
  jx> corresponding line # 99 in configure.in

  jx> if test $ac_cv_func_gettimeofday = yes; then

  jx> $ac_cv_func_gettimeofday and be empty making the test fail.

  jx> need to wrap the variable in quotes

Thanks; this has been fixed in the sources for a while.

  jx> BTW: since when can you not build make with a cros compiler???
  jx> here is the ouput of configure:
  jx>   checking whether setvbuf arguments are reversed... configure: error:
  jx>   can not run test program while cross compiling

There are certain tests that configure must run which won't work in a
cross-compiled environment, because they require actually invoking the
resulting program and seeing its output.  Obviously you can't invoke a
cross-compiled program on the host system.

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