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Make 3.79.1 makefile annoyance

From: mario
Subject: Make 3.79.1 makefile annoyance
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 01:07:48 -0700 (MST)

Hi, folks -

   This latest version of Make surprised me in that, unlike previous
versions I've compiled, it needed write access into the source directory.
I've traced that down to a silly little file called stamp-pot, which, it
seems to me, really ought to be found in . rather than $(srcdir).

... at least, with that edit, it compiled just fine for me.

   Since I compile for many architectures, and since I'd prefer to do
those builds in parallel, I mount the source directory read-only, which
exposes problems like that.  (But that's lots better than debugging why two
makes building at the same time for different architectures collide.)

   For instance, my source is in /media/gnu/make-3.79.1 but I build in
/tmp/make.1 using

/media/gnu/make-3.79.1/configure --prefix=/tools/GNU/003/SunOS_5.8

... which eventually automounts on Solaris 5.8 machines as /usr/gnu (as
well as /tools/GNU/003/SunOS_5.8, of course).

   Make is not the only GNU package to have this problem, but it sure seems
like this should be really easy to fix, so I'm letting you folks know.

   BTW, I didn't trace out why all-local was even becoming a target needing
building; from the name, it almost seems like a target you wouldn't think
you'd be building.

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