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Canned Command Sequences and set -e

From: Nicolas Fleury
Subject: Canned Command Sequences and set -e
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 11:14:49 -0500

With make 3.79.1, on both IRIX and Linux x86, canned command sequences are not verbose; even commands not preceded by @ are not shown.

For example:

define run-yacc
yacc $(firstword $^)
mv y.tab.c $@

%.c: %.y

is not the same thing (for output) as

$.c: %.y
   yacc $(firstword $^)
   mv y.tab.c $@

Also, in make documentation (Generate Prerequisites Automatically section) there's a use of "set -e" so that "command1 | command2" would return the exit code of command1, but it seems that set -e doesn't do that exactly. "set -e" is used when "command1; command2" should stop if command1 returns a non-zero exit code. This seems to be an error in documentation, not make. (I'm still wondering how to get exit code of first command in a pipeline; right now I use a temp file)

For Example:

%.c: %.y
   set -e; exit 1 | exit 0

the latest rule would always succeed.

Thank you

Nicolas Fleury

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