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Re: Which is the missing separator?

From: Johan Bezem
Subject: Re: Which is the missing separator?
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 08:31:21 +0100


maxx wrote:
> [localhost:sourceforge.net/ucanoscan/freebsd-driver] maxx% ls -f
> canoscan_usb.c  CVS             Makefile        README
> [localhost:sourceforge.net/ucanoscan/freebsd-driver] maxx% gnumake -d -f
> makefile
> Reading makefiles...
> Reading makefile `makefile'...
> makefile:12: *** missing separator.  Stop.

Depending on the settings of your system, you might be processing a
completely different makefile from the one you intend to process, since
the makefile in your directory is written with a capital 'M', whereas
both the commandline as well as the make error message refer to a
'makefile' without capitalisation.


Johan Bezem
CSK Software AG

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