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Re: Error using make file for elib-1.0

From: Henning Makholm
Subject: Re: Error using make file for elib-1.0
Date: 01 Jun 2002 02:29:48 +0200

Scripsit Troy Hart <address@hidden>

> After modifying 'Makefile' per instructions in the INSTALL file, I ran
> 'make install'. It failed as you can see below...

That is not a problem in GNU make. It is a problem in the software
you're trying to compile. Or it may be a problem with your environment
or your modifications.

Would you complain to the maker of your can opener if a can of peeled
tomatoes turned out to be rotten inside?

Henning Makholm                          "We can build reactors, we can melt
                                     ice. Or engineers can be sent north for
                               re-education until they *do* understand ice."

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