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Re: submake messages not perfect

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: submake messages not perfect
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 05:53:53 +0800

Paul> I guess I still don't understand Dan's comment, though.

Well for me, make calling several make&'s all in the same directory, I
see lots of messages about how they are entering and leaving that
directory, when in fact they never set foot outside that directory,
and what they really were trying to say was "I'm now being born", "I'm
now dying".

And they all call themselves "[1]"

dj> so maybe even mention PID's.

>>> I don't see what PIDs have to do with anything.

sr> To be able to distingush between two different make instances?

Paul> But none of make's normal output says anything about PIDs.

Well, why not take a tip from syslog and start adding them today.
[1:3515] looks smarter than just [1].  Since you are already detecting
when make is called by make and printing special messages, you might
as well beef them up.

sr> It's anyway insane^Wunsafe to have two make's running in parallel
sr> in same dir.

Paul> Well, it's not necessarily true that it's unsafe.  As long as they are
Paul> building disjoint sets of targets it will work fine.

OK document that. Some programs aren't safe.

Paul> But, I do think it's not very useful since it's much simpler to just let
Paul> make do the parallelism for you from a single invocation.

I wanted to but found I cannot limit -j's reach to only one level.
That's why I wanted you to

dj> Do add an examples showing when
dj> $ make -j x y
dj> and
dj> $ make x& make y& wait
dj> are equivalent, and when they are not.

Paul> IMO that is not at all an appropriate example for the GNU make manual.

Well, OK, whatever. All I know is that they can be the same or not,
depending on how deep their dependencies are.
I was not able to use -j in http://jidanni.org/comp/apt-offline/ so
did the two &'s.

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