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[bug #15818] SEGV in hash set code

From: Thomas Bleher
Subject: [bug #15818] SEGV in hash set code
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 01:43:39 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15818 (project make):

Not sure if this is the same bug, but the backtraces seem similar.
I use make CVS as of today (2006-02-21), Ubuntu Dapper (development version
of Ubuntu).

I'm trying to build SELinux refpolicy, my current source is available as
Whenever I call "make -C build-tree/refpolicy NAME=refpolicy-strict
TYPE=strict-mcs DISTRO=debian DIRECT_INITRC=y MONOLITHIC=n all" on this exact
tree make immediately segfaults.

Backtrace from gdb:
(gdb) backtrace
#0  0x080628c4 in merge_variable_set_lists (setlist0=0x809fcfc,
setlist1=0x80bd2c0) at variable.c:682
#1  0x0804d7f4 in rehash_file (from_file=0x80ab9b8, to_hname=0x80bd770
    at file.c:298
#2  0x0805e932 in f_mtime (file=<value optimized out>, search=1) at
#3  0x0805f3ec in check_dep (file=<value optimized out>, depth=8,
this_mtime=1, must_make_ptr=0x3f8424d4)
    at remake.c:971
#4  0x0805f2e3 in check_dep (file=0x80a0388, depth=7, this_mtime=1,
must_make_ptr=0x3f842524) at remake.c:1009
#5  0x0805f2e3 in check_dep (file=0x8096e70, depth=6, this_mtime=1,
must_make_ptr=0x3f842574) at remake.c:1009
#6  0x0805f2e3 in check_dep (file=0x809f660, depth=5, this_mtime=1,
must_make_ptr=0x3f8425c4) at remake.c:1009
#7  0x0805f2e3 in check_dep (file=0x809f550, depth=4, this_mtime=1,
must_make_ptr=0x3f842654) at remake.c:1009
#8  0x0805f7ab in update_file (file=0x80963e0, depth=2) at remake.c:504
#9  0x0805f126 in check_dep (file=<value optimized out>, depth=2,
this_mtime=1, must_make_ptr=0x3f842734)
    at remake.c:941
#10 0x0805f7ab in update_file (file=0x8071660, depth=0) at remake.c:504
#11 0x080609be in update_goal_chain (goals=0x80984d0) at remake.c:154
#12 0x08058646 in main (argc=9, argv=0x3f8441b4, envp=0x3f8441dc) at

I hope this is helpful.


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