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Determining Target Specific Variable Inheritance Path

From: Brown, Ruben
Subject: Determining Target Specific Variable Inheritance Path
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 14:06:38 -0400

Hi all,


I am currently encountering unexpected target specific variable inheritance a very large and complex build. Claiming thousands of lines of makefile would not be an exaggeration. I need to understand how and why that particular variable definition is being inherited between two targets believed to be independent.


Is there any way I can get make-3.82 to print out the variable inheritance path for the current build target, and the values (re)assigned to variables at each node on the path?


If this is not available from the current debugging options, I’m up for injecting debugging statements into make and building with an instrumented binary. However,  I don’t know where exactly to place probes to recover this information. Any information on where in the make-3.82 source code I should be adding logging to record this information would be extremely useful.


Thank you,

-Ruben Brown

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