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Re: [bug #41611] Merge GNV fork back into the GNU make project.

From: h.becker
Subject: Re: [bug #41611] Merge GNV fork back into the GNU make project.
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 17:49:48 +0100
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I'm not a native English speaker or writer, so maybe I didn't make this
clear: I don't want to be involved in this project, doing the work of
writing/changing code, testing and debugging, or conference
calls/meetings. If you have done this I sure will have a look at the
suggested changes. As far as I know, coding for GNV is more like coding
for Unix and therefore different from coding for VMS. So the code
changes may go into an own source file or file section and may not be
merged with VMS specific code, anyway.

Also, if you want to make make build for VAX/VMS, that's fine with me.
As far as I remember, there was no request for such a version so far. So
I didn't spend any time on this.

On 02/16/2014 10:59 PM, John Malmberg wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #2, bug #41611 (project make):
> I have already corresponded with Hartmut Becker, and he has indicated that
> currently he does not have time to be involved with getting the GNV changes
> merged.
> So it is up to me do the work for the merge.
> I have applied for a subscription to the bug-make list, and am waiting for the
> confirmation.
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