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load features

From: Lester Scofield
Subject: load features
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 22:34:48 -0700

Hello All,
   I am thinking about writing a module for SQLite.  My first goal is to create a $(sqlite) function.  I'd like it to behave similar to the sqlite3 shell, with its added .commands and such.  I think there are some things I'd like access to that I can't get with gmk_eval. Here are some thoughts I had:

1) it would be nice to load the module from the make command line, so that the module can affect settings before Makefiles are read.

2) Modify makefile name search (e.g. I'd like to add GNUmakeDB to the list)

3) add a handler for GNUmakeDB that does some sort of select that generates the "makefile".

4) affect the command line options (I like to set things like -d -p -r -R -n --trace, etc)

5) affect the built-in rules and variables (can use eval, but a direct access may be nice)

6) set the modify timestamp, has been updated flag, or --assume-old timestamp for targets

7) add support for non-filesystem targets/dependencies:  I'd like to generate a prerequisite DAG yet retain the ability to set their modify timestamps, so .PHONY would not work.  This would basically be like the existing AR(member) support.

8) fix the whitespace in target name issue.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you,

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