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[bug #41758] VMS Make incorrectly reports archives support present.

From: John Malmberg
Subject: [bug #41758] VMS Make incorrectly reports archives support present.
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 03:51:36 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #4, bug #41758 (project make):

Patch uploaded:

Fix archive support for VMS for wildcard and VPATH.
Add VMS library support for all VMS library types.

   struct ar_glob_state: Save suffix for VMS.
   (ar_glob_match): Use saved suffix on VMS.
   (ar_glob): Save suffix for VMS.

    VMS variable names now match usage.
    Quick fix to build as standalone image with TEST macro set.
    (VMS_get_member_info): Handles saved arg parameter correctly,
    Use some constants to better document the paramters including
    the ones currently unused by GNU make.
    Remove #if __DECC test, GCC should use the same RTL as DECC
    for VMS 5.5-2 and later, and build procedure will not support
    that old.
    (ar_scan VMS variant): Convert library path to VMS format,
    Correct return codes.
    (ar_name_equal): Ignore vms suffix on compare.

     Fix VMS archive rules to create library if not existing.
     VMS should have almost all Unix suffixes + VMS ones.
     Fix RCCS VMS specific rules.

     Fix tests to use VMS rules and answers when running on VMS
     and not using a Bash shell.

tests/scripts/vms/library: (New)
     Test the VMS library rules that are not tested by existing

(file #31374)

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