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[bug #42447] Fix exporting symbols for recursive make on VMS.

From: John Malmberg
Subject: [bug #42447] Fix exporting symbols for recursive make on VMS.
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2014 01:44:33 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #42447 (project make):

Updated patch based on current git master.

This includes fixing most of the exit handling code for VMS children, which
allows removing some VMS specific exit handling in other places.

Self tests:
 Previously about 104 Tests in 36 categories fail.
 Now about 45 tests in 22 categories fail.

Because some tests do not properly clean up, the number of tests that fail can
vary a little bit.

The required VMS updates for the self tests has not yet been checked in.

There is now a run-time option to for Make to use MCR command for the macros
for Make instead of a foreign command.  It is not the default, since the
expansion of that macro will have a space in it, and that has the potential to
cause problems if that is passed to make internal functions which tend to use
space as a delimiter.

There is now a run-time option for make to always use command files instead of
exporting the environment variables.  It is not the default, as testing shows
there are many bugs in the generation of the command files that will need to
be fixed.

(file #32089)

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