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VMS: Exit and exported symbol fixes.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: VMS: Exit and exported symbol fixes.
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2014 23:50:30 -0500
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Resubmission against master.

This patch fixes the exit/child status handling code on VMS to properly use the UNIX source path, and removes the older VMS code that was not working properly.

It also adds VMS run-time options for selecting using the MCR command instead of a VMS foreign command or the argv[0] passed by a exec*() call.

The default is now set to use a foreign command when launched from DCL and the actual argv[0] when launched from exec().

It this mode, the macros created for the MAKE command look similar to what would normally be found in a makefile, ie: "make" or "/usr/bin/make"

In the MCR command mode, the macros contents will contain a space, such as "mcr dev:[dir]make".

The new default mode will also translate the make command properly regardless of the VMS CRTL feature settings, and is based on common code used in other ports of GNU projects to VMS.

This also makes the selection of using always using a command file (script) to run the child commands instead of individual commands an option and makes the default to not always use the script. That feature was added for make 4.1.

This default was chosen because:

About 94 tests fail when make is set to always use a script.

About 44 tests fail in this new default mode, which was the behavior in make 4.0 and earlier.


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