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VMS: Fix explicit rules for VMS

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: VMS: Fix explicit rules for VMS
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 21:06:18 -0500
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This patch fixes make on VMS to be able to run the se_implicit tests.

1. Add the missing default rules that were needed for the se_implicit tests to pass.

2. Remove the disabling of UNIX path parsing on VMS.

3. Fix some of the VMS path parsing. More work still needs to be done there, but this is a start.

The above got the se_implicit tests to pass, but then most of the other tests failed.

4. Found a static buffer being used to hold translated filenames being used simultaneously for two names being compared for exactness.

That got most of the tests that were broken by fixing the path parsing working as expected except for the VPATH tests.

5. Removed the disabling of UNIX path parsing on VMS.

Now the self tests with all the previous uncommitted fixes posted yesterday are reporting 42 tests in 21 categories failing.

Before this patch, but with the those uncommitted fixes, it was 44 tests failing.

There are currently a total of 464 tests that are run for VMS.

Need to get the test script changes checked in next after this, so need some guidance on how to split them up.

Need to compose a usage note for readme.vms.  Short version:

For 4.1 and earlier:

1. Most Unix file path parsing is disabled.
2. Default rules were missing.
3. VMS file parsing is very incomplete and quite broken in many places.
4. Files that were not existing were found by make.

With this fix:

1. Most Unix file parsing is working.
2. Default rules are all present, but some probably need VMS specific tweaks and verifications. 3. VMS file parsing is working better, but running with "-d" is still showing some obvious bugs.


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