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Test updated for VMS.

From: John E. Malmberg
Subject: Test updated for VMS.
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 07:35:15 -0500
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In general, I sometimes needed to tweak both recipes and the text that is printed out.

If I can add better shell simulation to the VMS port, and fix up the output, I may be able to remove some of the edits in the future.

But I think there may always be some differences.

I also file a ticket on general issues that I discovered with the test harness.

Right now, only all tests in the "features" directory are passing, but I do not have time to list the failing tests in the other directories right now.

Below is a list of tests that I had to update for VMS:


Directory VMS_ROOT:[make.tests.scripts.features]

archives.        double_colon     escape           export
parallelism      patspecific_vars patternrules     quoting
reinvoke         se_explicit      se_implicit      se_statpat
shell_assignment targetvars       vpath            vpath3
vpathgpath       vpathplus

Total of 18 files.

Directory VMS_ROOT:[make.tests.scripts.functions]

dir              eval             file             filter-out
foreach          origin           shell            substitution
value            word

Total of 10 files.

Directory VMS_ROOT:[make.tests.scripts.misc]

general1         general3         general4

Total of 3 files.

Directory VMS_ROOT:[make.tests.scripts.options]

dash-k           dash-l           dash-W           eval

Total of 5 files.

Directory VMS_ROOT:[make.tests.scripts.targets]


Total of 3 files.

Directory VMS_ROOT:[make.tests.scripts.variables]

automatic       GNUMAKEFLAGS     private         SHELL

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