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unable to query Makefile

From: Roopashree, B.S
Subject: unable to query Makefile
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 06:55:05 +0000

Hi Team,

Recently am hitting this error with no change in the Makefile.

Can someone help on this as it is stopping my progress.

Below is the error:

/pkg/qct/software/gnu/make/4.0/bin/make: invalid option -- 'u'


LOGFILE: /prj/qct/verif/fvcad/bangalore/scratch01/workspaces/broopash/ubus_example/ubus_uvm_qbar_new/qvmr/broopash/simulate_only_issue/qvmr/broopash/simland/ubus.sl/ubus/0.test_read_modify_write/latest/session.log


Let me know if you need anything on the same.




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