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Dependencies commands running (THIS IS A BUG) - make 3.81

From: ruchi
Subject: Dependencies commands running (THIS IS A BUG) - make 3.81
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 20:43:36 -0800 (PST)

MAKEFLAGS := -j3 -l36

SUBDIRS := a  \
                  b  \

c : a b
             @echo "=> Working on '$@' for '$(ARCH)'..."
             $(NOERR)+cd $(DIR) &&  time ./<script>

On executing parallel make , only targets "a" and "b" are built and target
"c" totally skipped..not even goes to echo statement of $(SUBDIRS) rule.
In make -d -p command output get the following:
c: a b 
#  Phony target (prerequisite of .PHONY).
#  Implicit rule search has not been done.
#  File does not exist.
#  File has not been updated.
#  Dependencies commands running (THIS IS A BUG). 

On adding some 10-15 targets in between "b" and "c" target, the above BUG
doesn't comes and everything builds fine.
SUBDIRS := a  \
                  b  \
                  d e f ........l..m   \
Tried adding pipe , removing PHONY  and many other ways but of no
respite.Please help what can be the reason and some proper way to solve

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