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Re: Dependencies commands running (THIS IS A BUG) - make 3.81

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Re: Dependencies commands running (THIS IS A BUG) - make 3.81
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 08:20:47 -0500

On Mon, 2017-02-13 at 22:22 -0800, ruchi wrote:
> Hi Paul
> Thanks for looking into it.

I'm not sure what aspect of your mail software is causing your messages
to be sent twice, about 8 minutes apart, but it would be helpful if you
could disable it.

> It would be difficult for me to share the exact Makefile as its quite
> complex having around 70-80 targets.

We have no interest in your exact makefile.  What I suggested was that
you create a makefile that (a) works and (b) shows the problem you're
seeing.  I'm talking about a SSCCE: http://sscce.org/

For GNU make problems you don't even need source code, you can replace
compilers with "touch" statements or sleep statements or echo or

> The thing is each target is itself having various subdirectories and its
> calling recursive submakes on those as well via the 
> script which we are passing in "$(NOERR)+cd $(DIR) &&  time ./<script>" 
> We are calling make for 2 archs (x86 and arm) , so in all there should be 6
> invocations when make is executed for 
> 3 targets ( a , b ,c) where one of those is a dependent target.
> But in our case only 4 invocations happens for a,b respectively and c is
> totally ignored with the reason 
> "Dependencies commands running (THIS IS A BUG)"

Without an actual example I can't be sure how you have implemented this,
but one thing to note is that make will only ever run any given target
one time within a single invocation of make, no matter how many times it
appears as a prerequisite.

So for example if you have:

  all: foo bar

  foo: c
  bar: c

then "c" will only be built one time per invocation of make, even though
it appears as a prerequisite to two different targets.  Marking targets
PHONY has no impact on this: they're still only built once.

If that doesn't help explain the behavior you're seeing, you'll need to
provide a working example.

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