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Re: fail to install GNU make

From: Jean Pierre LeJacq
Subject: Re: fail to install GNU make
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 15:27:17 -0400
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Angela TSANG wrote:

> We have download make-4.2.tar.gz from site gnu.org/gnu/make
> And try to install in our AIX 7.1
> ./configure
> make check
> config.log and make_check_output attached for your reference.

Hi Angela

We have successfully compile make-4.2.1 on AIX 7.1 using XL C/C++ 12.1. We 
disabled guile and loadable module support. I don't recall exactly which 
version of autotools we used.

If it is of interest, I can follow up more information on compiler options 
and other details.


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