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make -n fails if export is used with recursion

From: Robert Durkacz
Subject: make -n fails if export is used with recursion
Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 10:40:18 +1000

If I run "make some_target" and get an unexpected result, I would do this--
make -n some_target > script
to see what it was make was trying to do. If I run the commands in
"script", one by one or together,
I think I should get the same result as in the original case.
But it turns out not to work properly if "export" is used in the
Makefile. Thus suppose the contents of "script" is--

make target2

and suppose Makefile "exported" var=XXX. Then to give the same result,
"script" really should be--

export var=XXX
make target2

So I am suggesting that if we must have "export" in make, then the
workings of "make -n" should be upgraded to report any exports that
are set up.

A related unconclusive post:
gmake -n doesnt help during recursive calls to make

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