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Re: Converting make rules into other file formats

From: Sven C. Dack
Subject: Re: Converting make rules into other file formats
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2017 17:06:31 +0100
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Hello Markus,

you've picked the wrong mailing list. The address@hidden is a mailing list only for discussing bugs and issues with the make program itself. Please use address@hidden for your question.

You can subscribe to help mailing list here:


Regarding your question itself, I'd say you're looking at two completely different worlds. A Makefile is basically a human-readable text file with instructions on how to create executables with a compiler for example. It has pretty much nothing to do with creating graphics. You will likely have to be more specific when you ask your question on address@hidden.


On 14/10/17 13:40, SF Markus Elfring wrote:

How does the current software situation look like for the conversion of data
from make scripts into file formats with which other users are more familiar?


* Outlines

* Vector graphics

Would you like to point any special development tools out?


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