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LOL man, why your sausage is so small? ;)

From: Sergey Seydametov
Subject: LOL man, why your sausage is so small? ;)
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 13:26:07 +0000

Yo chap

Don't tell me why your weenie is so small,
I will better help you to make it really Bigger!

Why bigger? Because over 77% of all women need a longer
meat to satisfy their desire!

Go there and get your solution: http://www.hansom.us

It'll really help you!

We will ship it worldwide within 24 hours, and if
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not as if I  were a relation or  a really close friend either. When you come
to think of it  I didn't even know the man very well. What did I really know
about  him? Nothing, except that  he was bald  and horribly  talkative.  So,
gentlemen,' went on Ivan, addressing an imaginary audience,' let us consider
the following problem : why, I should like to know, did I get in such a rage
with  that mysterious professor or magician with his empty,  black  eye? Why
did I  chase after him like a fool in those underpants and holding a candle?
Why the ridiculous scene in the restaurant? '
    'Wait a  moment, though! ' said the old  Ivan severely to the new Ivan
in  a voice that was not  exactly inside him and not  quite by his ear. ' He

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