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Porting C app from FreeBSD 4.6 to RH7.3

From: Billy Davis
Subject: Porting C app from FreeBSD 4.6 to RH7.3
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 09:27:46 -0500

We successfully converted our ncurses based application from FreeBSD4.6 to
Redhat 7.3 and all seems to be running well except for two display problems,
as follows:

    1. When we enter text into a window in the RedHat version, the text is
properly echoed in the input field, but it is also echoed at the top left
hand of the main screen, (ie, at line 1, column 1).  This does not seem to
affect the data, but is distracting to the User.  This problem occurs BOTH
when we are logged into the System console, and when we do a telnet login
from a PC that is emulating a vt100.

    2. When a window is defined to display a max of 12 lines at a time, but
we have more lines to display, we use the up/down arrow keys to scroll the
lines.  On the RedHat system, when we try to scroll rapidly, the scrolling
seems to get jumbled, with some lines showing up twice.  Again, the data is
not affected.  This problem ONLY occurs when we do a telnet login from a PC
that is emulating a vt100, leading us to believe that it may be a terminfo
problem, but the only modification that we made to the vt100 terminfo entry
was to delete two entries (rmkx=\E[?1l\E> and smkx=\E[?1h\E=), which solved
a command mode switching problem.   If we do a page scroll up/down (via
Fkeys), it works fine.

The ncurses version within FreeBSD is 5.1 (version patch 20001009), and the
programs run perfectly fine with it, using the same equipment and the same
vt100 emulator.

Has anyone else experienced (and solved) this problem?

Billy Davis

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