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Re: ncurses: xcurses: revamping curses

From: Mark Hessling
Subject: Re: ncurses: xcurses: revamping curses
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 08:05:58 +1000

Yes there does exists such a beast; look at PDCurses (aka
XCurses); http://pdcurses.sf.net

This library enables you to compile and link your application
against libXCurses.so and have the application come up as a
native X11 application (not GTK, or Qt, but native X11, so it
doesn't look particulary pretty). It gives control over fonts,
colors etc via normal X11 resources.

You need to add one line of code to your application so the
X11 application shuts down cleanly. This is explained in the

One other consideration is that if you use the low-level
termcap/terminfo function calls, then these are not supported
by XCurses.

Cheers, Mark.
>I have a very large application that uses ncurses.
>As you know, business rules, screen/keyboard I/O are all
>(mixed) in the source code.
>Do you know of a curses wrapper that would allow us to revamp
a curses
>app in such a way that it would be converted into a GUI
without loosing
>my work (3.5 millions lines of code!) in terms of business rules?
>What if I used QT or GTK to mimic curses functions? Have you
>about it?
>What I am looking for a small step beyond the traditional curses
>functionality and look-and feel, a step towards a GUI.
>I have a dream of just linking my program with anotther
curses lib (a
>'xcurses' if this existed) and it would pop-up as some kind
of a GUI.
>Many thanks in advance for any tips and thoughts in this
Mark Hessling http://www.lightlink.com/hessling/
Author of THE, Rexx/SQL, Rexx/cURL, Rexx/curses, etc..
Maintainer of Regina, PDCurses, Rexx/Tk
Use Rexx ? Join the Rexx Language Association: http://www.rexxla.org/

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