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Additional fields for terminal types

From: Trevor van Bremen
Subject: Additional fields for terminal types
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 18:50:29 -0400


Due to 'problems' experienced with the latest version of 'top(1)' on Slackware 
10.0 when run on remote terminals, I've found that
the terminfo files are incomplete.
Namely the linux and ansi series of terminfo files are missing the settings for 
RMAM (Reset Mode - Automatic Margins) and SMAM (Set
Mode - Automatic Margins).
These are part of the 'standard' ANSI set and thus they 'should' be defined in 
the terminfo file...
Additionally, I have checked drivers/char/console.c in the linux kernel source 
tree and proven that the linux console ALSO supports
these escape sequences.  (The only reason top(1) appears to work ok on the 
linux console is that the linux console _ALSO_ has the
xenl [Eat_Newline_Glitch] that suppresses the following newline if it occurs 
immediately AFTER and automatic margin [AM])
The maintainer of top(1) in the procps package (Albert Cahalan) has performed 
the needed changes to support those few terminals that
have an ANSI-like set of escape sequences but do _NOT_ have the rmam / smam 
Nevertheless, I firmly believe that the ansi* and linux* terminfo files 
_should_ have the correct sequences for rmam and smam
The values for these two capabilities should be:

rmam = \E[?7l
smam = \E[?7h



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