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Re: found the problem with resizing windows

From: Heusden van, FJJ (Folkert)
Subject: Re: found the problem with resizing windows
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 13:51:46 +0200

> It seems doing:
> wresize(stdscr, max_y, max_x);
> as the first command afer the resizeterm seems to at least reduce the
> problem somehwat: I couldn't reproduce it anymore. but that doesn't mean
> it got completely solved as it is quiet difficult to reproduce.
> Sometimes the screen also gets garbled big-time: output of windows gets
> swapped and such (partially!).
No, that didn't help: this morning I had a session of multitail crash (more or less as it displays a nice error message instead of segfaulting) due to a subwin() failure.
Situation: yesterday I logged in on the console in 80x25, this morning I opened a putty terminalwindow in 120x40 or so and then did a screen -r: multitail caught the SIGWINCH and tried to redraw and failed due to a failing subwin(). Same error in derwin.

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