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help to design ui for jabber client:)

From: worwan
Subject: help to design ui for jabber client:)
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 09:12:50 -0800 (PST)

Hi..my first post here :),

im for some time working on jabber client and im using ncurses library to
create ui. I need only 3 windows, one input field for commands, one field
for contact list and one for messages and other stuff..

First i used just WINDOWs...but it was difficult to do necessary operations
in command field ( moving cursor, deleting word, etc.. ).so i start to use
form for that. Its quite great. But then i realized it would be nice to use
form_driver to display contact_list..which would make easy to scroll in
contact list. If i understand this correctly, if i would like to scroll in
windows reasonably i would have to implement some buffer and then when
scrolling fill these windows properly...this can be done in form very
easily( field_opts_off(cmd_field[0], O_STATIC); and
form_driver(cmd_form,REQ_SCR_FHPAGE); )

so right now my situation is...

WINDOW cmd_win;
WINDOW cmd_sub_win;
 box(cmd_win, 0, 0);
and form : set_form_sub(cmd_form, cmd_sub_win);
and my input field is cmd_win_h -1 and cmd_win_w -1..
it works nicely :)

problem started when i did the same for contact list window.
Is it really problem to have 2 forms in one application? I'm playing and
trying with ncurses most of time im doing on client now..so im little tired

Please help me to create best possible ui :). I was thinking to create it as
one form across whole stdscr but then i dont know how to box it in way you
see down...

Now it looks like this..
________  _______________________________________
|cont. list || user >> hi!                                                      
| -------- ||                                                                   
|group     ||                                                                   
|   user    ||                                                                  
|              ||                                                               
|              ||                                                               
|              ||______________________________________ |
|              | _______________________________________ 
|              ||msg user hi there !                                            
|              ||                                                               
|              ||                                                               
|_______|| ______________________________________|

Thanks a lot..

and please..if you can..help me as soon as possible...

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