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Re: ncurses-5.9-20120107.patch.gz

From: Roumen Petrov
Subject: Re: ncurses-5.9-20120107.patch.gz
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 23:14:38 +0200
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Thomas Dickey wrote:
[SNIP] I've fixed this in tonight's patch (and since I keep overlooking cross
compiles) added a check for cross-compiles to my regression builds.

Since I've more than one VM setup with mingw cross-compilers, I've
also a to-do to investigate building the dll's there.  (On my Windows 7,
there's work needed to incorporate Juergen's changes there - just a lot
of things to work through...).
10x. Now ncurses cross-build is fine and regression test in an external project pass. Since test was run in emulated environment my feedback cannot be considered as authoritative.



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