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overline and/or leftline ?

From: Ricardo Bánffy
Subject: overline and/or leftline ?
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 16:47:03 +0100

Kind of continuing a long-dead thread.

I was digging into the tmux source thinking about adding an overline attribute (*very* useful for the status line) that is supported by Gnome's terminal (and anything Vte-based, among others). That got me all the way to The Open Group, which seems to be the ones who defined the names of the attributes terminfo uses.

That got me really confused: what would be The Correct Way to have a name for start and end overline? Is it something like asking ISO to amend a standard or like how you add new code points to Unicode?

My tmux fork is mostly capable of doing it, but it hard-codes the ANSI sequence ("ESC[53m"), which is not nice. It'd be nicer if I could get it from the terminfo database.

BTW, is this even the right place to ask such questions?

On a note, I'd totally help support a "leftline" attribute. It's great for crosshair-like cursors (something I only saw with IBM mainframe terminals), usually combined with underline.


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