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Question about triggering KEY_MOUSE

From: Bryan Christ
Subject: Question about triggering KEY_MOUSE
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2019 14:45:00 -0600

When I want push keys into an application running in my terminal emulator, it's typically just a matter of writing the correct sequence to the pty file descriptor with a some mapping for special keys.  For example, if I read KEY_F(1) then I turn around and write ESC[11~ (as prescribed by rxvt termdesc) to the pty and it gets picked up by the application on the other end.  I assumed that supporting the mouse would be pretty much the same.  If I read KEY_MOUSE then I write ESC[M and expect that the running app would pick up KEY_MOUSE.

I can see from my data traps that the application (using ncurses) sent a ESC[?1000h sequence meaning "SET_VT200_MOUSE".  What I am questioning is what should I be writing back?  ESC[CbCxCyM where Cx and Cy are X10 encoded coords?  If so, does that mean that the coord values are limited to 223?


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