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Sample Pack

From: Fallow T. Gofers
Subject: Sample Pack
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 02:18:21 -0700

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That wasnt my concern now. You wanted me to kiss youdont deny it! What changed your mind?Would you want to kiss her? Angelina screamed, torn by emotions I couldnt understand. This didnt happen often. If only she wasnt so damned kill-happywhat a team we would make!My heart gave the second grinding thump of the evening when I realized the dead-end trail down which my emotions were leading me. It gave me some needed privacy though, so I slipped it into place. All three of them nodded together as though they were pulled by one string, and the effect was so compulsive that I almost nodded myself. This pleasure was denied me because the pressure to catch up with Angelina nagged at me constantly like an aching tooth. This was the second time within twelve hours that I had been offered a partnership in the new order.

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