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Wall Street Watch SBNS . pk

From: lnuagweo lvuzfjy
Subject: Wall Street Watch SBNS . pk
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 00:27:36 +0800

It really could'nt hurt to do a little research Health Care Sector has been 
booming since decades, this is the next big one.


Symbol: SBNS. PK
Current Price: .98
Expected: Steady Climb for the TOP

This quick rising stock is a good long term winner. This stock is going high 
due to superb business solutions and creative partnerships in thebusiness world.

Below is the companys most recent headline.

Shallbetter Industries, Inc. Announces New President

HONOLULU--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 28, 2006--Shallbetter Industries Inc. is 
pleased to announce the appointment of a new President and Corporate Finance 
Mr. Bruce Pridmore B.Sc. M.B.A has been retained as Shallbetter's new President 
and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Pridmore is the founding Partner of London 
Asia Capital Canada and past Executive Director of Pacific Asia for the 
National Research Council of Canada. Mr. Pridmore brings extensive knowledge of 
Asian business practices as well as comprehensive understanding of capital 
markets both in North America and throughout the European Economic Community. 
Mr. Pridmore will assume the day to day operation of the company and the 
organization of a new drilling program once additional capital has been raised. 
It is anticipated the additional capital will be raised by way of debt, equity 
or a combination thereof.

Dont miss the boat, this is a new issue, is thinly traded and could move up 
quickly.  We anticipate that shares of SBNS will be much higher in the 
short-term.  ACT ON IT!


Shallbetter Industries Inc is an international mining company with operations 
focused in Mongolia. Shallbetter has been granted exclusive government mining 
rights to many highly sought after mining locations. Having exclusive rights to 
land rich with gold in regions of the world that are fairly inexpensive in 
labor makes the profit outlook of many Shallbetter projects very alluring to 
investors. Shallbetter seeks to carry out highly profitable projects with the 
utmost in environmental and social responsibility in mind. All projects are 
given due diligence in research before conclusions are made as to accurate 
projections of profitability and feasibility.

Any of the above statements with respect to the future predications or goals 
and events may be seen as only Foward speculation and nothing else. All 
information inside this email pertaining to any sort of financial advice need 
to be understood as just information and not any real advice. None of the 
information above can be constructed as any sort of financial advice. 
Confidentiality Statemen

Results don't lie

Raking in the dough. Your all washed up. Salt of the Earth. We'll cross that 
bridge when we come to it.  That's a whole new can of worms.   You have to 
separate the chaff from the wheat. Strong as an ox.  You reap what you sow. Red 
as a beet.  Useless as tits on bull.   This is for the birds.   A thorn in my 
side.   What's done is done.  A place in the sun.   Sturdy as an oak.   She's a 
mother hen.   The scum of the earth.   Ugly as a mud fence. The shoes on the 
other foot now.   Shake like a leaf. Slow as a snail.   Put off the scent.   
Rain, rain go away; come again some other day. Timber!

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When pigs fly.  The sharper is the berry, the sweeter is the wine. Waking up 
with the chickens. Till the cows come home.   Too little too late.   A thorn in 
my side.   The sharper is the berry, the sweeter is the wine. The season of 
goodwill.   Walking on water. What's done is done.  We hung them out to dry.  
Which came first, the chicken or the egg. Want my place in the sun.  Wrinkled 
as a prune. Your in hot water. Top of the morning.   

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