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From: Nanny Wills
Subject: snooty
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 18:32:15 +0100

They dont exactlyexpress fully what I want to say, but I cant find any others thatdo, either.
And I didnt know your Aunt took it so seriously. It was bad enough after thepublication of that paragraph.
Or just about the fashion of her new ruff?
Nothing remained now except to jot itsoutlines down in her Jimmy-book.
Theyll have their maws full of something else in amonth and theyll forget this.
What did Shakespeares wifeactually think of him? I dont know why she shouldnt tell the story, said Emily,coldly.
But sheis still alive, ninety-four years old, and from all accounts quitelively yet. I like Tennyson but sometimes he enrages me. Teddy and Perry saw red and wanted to kill somebody, but whom couldthey kill? Hardys black, forciblescrawl as that poem is like HER.
She had finally conquered in the longduel. After black-beaning me last year, indeed!
If the prize were formathematics Kath Darcy should win it.
If it were for beauty HazelEllis would win it.
Give them my compliments and tell them theyre asses.
I didnt come here to discuss that, said Emily, bluntly.
Emily thought Andrew a boreand dreaded his Friday nights.
Emily, there was a streak of diabolism in thatpoem. I thought you were too drunk to talk, said Emily candidly.
That was the New Moon way of lookingat it. It seemed to open such dizzyingpossibilities of change. Finally it was deemed best to let heralone. Youll never catch your little Ilse going on a spree again. Yet these trees are often the best worth knowing.
Nothing to do but go back to the old John house, said Perry.

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