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cheep erecction mads.- you won't stop screewing thanks to it ski

From: Eve Reeder
Subject: cheep erecction mads.- you won't stop screewing thanks to it ski
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 20:07:58 -0700 (CST)

Hello. As one of out prefered costummers, 
we'd like to inform you about one of our sites. 
This site is all about you, the consummer. We want you to get the
best experience we can give you, thus we made this site with very cheep pr1ces. 
We've got for you all the erection mads you want.
All the mads you want!

Come to see by yourself:

i don t know if you re married or even have an emotional partner nor do i care 
but would you be willing to suspend your career at the times to join your 
partner on the campaign trail?
you are cookin on the rhetoric to appeal to white southerners who ve been 
voting republican and have been screwed for their vote.
from a positive speech by edwards about changing america to kerry did this 
kerry did that kerry fought in a war.
i am from texas too and i do not want him back here either as for where to send 
him oh dont tempt me.
and your blog looks interesting as well can t believe daschle your weasel of 
the day is supporti ng the energy bill well okay i can believe it i ll have to 
go back and check out your site again.
- watercolor and oi l paintings by an australian artist subjects include 
historic buildings and lighthouses racing yachts landscapes seascapes and 
it is a slightly grudging endorsement because he admits to prefer kerry or 
kucinich but our enthusiasm has won the day.
we have the most well thought out issues try figuring out the other guys stands 
on the issues or getting an email back from them clarifying them.
i think a fella from washington worded it best this next election voters will 
be coming out of the wood work left and right new voters old voters they will 
assail the voting booths.
as long as the trolls keep coming we re a force to be reckoned with they wouldn 
t be here if they weren t worried.
one thing -- the button that takes you to the current blog opens that blog page 
rather than taking you to the main page of blogforamerica.
the only way to deal with trolls is to limit your reaction to reminding others 
not to respond to trolls.
someone recently said that their meetups were working well i struck me that i 
haven t heard anyone articulate any goals for meetups or any means of assessing 
how well a meetup has achieved those goals.

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