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From: Hetty Springer
Subject: legibility
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 19:13:43 +0900

Still that made it clear that it was not for anyreason of sentiment she had left him in the lurch. I toldFrancesco to be ready outside the front of the Casino.
Altogether an ingenious and considerate arrangement through which muchgrist came to the mill.
Dont think, his father went on, that I mean to say anythingunpleasant. At first he hardly took in the significance of the announcement.
The last thing he remembered before hefell asleep had been his disappointment with Mary Mackintyre. Reggie Brendon turned and, putting his hand on the older mans shoulder,gazed into his eyes.
When youve time, Id like to talk to you about my plans, he began.
Would not this be a good moment tospeak to his father about his future? He hadlived too hard, he had suffered too much, he had too few illusions.
Her intelligence was keen without beingbrilliant.
Miss Mackintyre sat upright in her deck-chair.
Shewasnt a sham, she really cared for and had aroused in him the love ofthings of the mind. Reggie Brendons eyes travelledup and down Richards person, examining him.
Richard waswalking by her side and spoke in a low tone. Without ityou cannot do a mans work, you cannot stand alone. For the first time within his recollection Richard had left his fatherwith agreeable impressions. Their path lay through the fields, and larks rose carollingfrom their very feet. Their path lay through the fields, and larks rose carollingfrom their very feet.
Still hisfather showed no sign of leaving. When you getto the jumping-off place, take off your boots and hang on by youreyebrows.
He had not noticedwhether his father was winning or not, and didnt like to disturb him. Richard did not inquire what the plans were. Richard thought he looked it, also that he looked old. Three times in succession Mr Kurt received five thousand francs. Almost unconsciously he was beginning to discoverhimself. But, then,his mother was Italian, so is his wife. The Prince had them bound by Dupont andillustrated by Boecklin. Her intelligence was keen without beingbrilliant.
The boy waved his arm in thedirection of the lake. Their path lay through the fields, and larks rose carollingfrom their very feet. Three people were sitting within the rose-covered pergola; one of themrose and came towards them.
No woman was anyuse to him unless she loved him, and he meant to secure love somehow. Plentyof men he knew lived in a state of friendly separation from their wivesfor months at a time.
Five minutes later father and son were bowling home behind the fastItalian ponies. Hewas disturbing someone by his whistling.
I expect we shall find him in the pergola. He said I was a poisonous influenceamong his dear little boys.

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