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Re: scsi disks

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: scsi disks
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 08:01:24 +1100

Piotr Giza wrote:
> Does partboot-1.4.1 have support for scsi adapters (have the aic7xxx) so

I don't think so!  :-(
I would really love someone else to volunteer to put together a
better bootdisk... hint hint!

> Another problem: when I booted from partboot 1.4.1 diskette and tried to
> resize the ext2 partition on the (ide) hard disk I could not do that.
> Parted did nothing and printed no error messages - the 1.2 version, for
> example printed a message that it cannot move the beginning of an ext2
> partition. - the current version printed nothing.

Hmmm.  This is the problem with constraint solvers... they find the
closest thing that you CAN do, and do it!  (the closest thing was
nothing, so it did that!)

> Just one final question: when will if bo possible to move the start of
> an ext2 partition?

Hopefully, I'll start working on it in about 3 weeks.  It's a fair
bit of work, and difficult to judge when it will be in a stable
version... at least 3 months away, I think.

Andrew Clausen

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