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Parted is telling me something. What does it mean?

From: Robert E. Harvey, M.D.
Subject: Parted is telling me something. What does it mean?
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 07:45:40 -0500


I got parted to actually start up, but I'm getting some messages that
concern me and solicit any help available.  I'm running Red Hat Linux
7.1 on a SCSI system.  On giving the command:

# LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./parted

I get the message:  bus error (core dumped)


# parted /dev/sda

I'm told

Warning:  The operating system thinks the geometry on /dev/sda is
2233/225/63.  Therefore cylinder 1024 ends at 8032.499M.  You should
check that this matches the BIOS geometry before using this program.

Ok. let's see what happens further.

(parted) print

Warining:  Unable to align partition properly.  This probably means that
another partitioning tool generated an incorrect partition table,
because it didn't have the correct BIOS geometry.

Ignore Cancel ?   i

 Disk geometry for /dev/sda:  0.000-17522.054 megabytes
Disk label type; msdos

Minor     Start                  End
Type                  Filesystem         Flag
4                0.031              7.844
primary             FAT                  boot
1             7.875              3012.187
primary             ntfs
2             3012.188      6016.530               primary
3             6016.531     17516.184              extended
5             6016.562         8016.811
logical                ext2                  boot
6             8016.842        11703.603
logical                ext2                  boot
7          11703.634         15382.551           logical
ext2                  boot
8          15382.582        155515.903         logical
linux-swap     boot
9          15515.934          17516.184         logical
FAT                 boot

I'm practicing using parted on a scsi machine at home in order to
hopefully do some surgery on a similar machi ne at work.  I want to grow
my / partition into a /data partition.  There's no data in the /data
partition so I'm not worried about losing anything there.
What do I do now?


Bob Harvey

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