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rcs-5.8 test failure

Subject: rcs-5.8 test failure
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 00:54:43 +0800


package dev-vcs/rcs-5.8 suffers a failure of 2 test files, t510, t511.
In testing, the test were all passed on one system and failed on
another using the ebuild.  However, when run from the source, they
persistently failed.

For t510, Our prying lead us to file common-i in /tests and the
function triple in the file.  By chance it was found that use of
VERBOSE=1 or KEEPD=1 results in the test passing.  

I believe this will help.

archtester rcs-5.8 # cat tests/t510.d/out
PROBLEM: t510.d/x,v writable (cmd: ci -i -t-something)

archtester rcs-5.8 # cat tests/t511.d/out
PROBLEM: t511.d/x,v writable (cmd: ci -i4.20 -mOK -t-something)

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